Sonos Radio Breaking Up, New Gmail Account, Adding Facebook App to Samsung (Android) phone, Talktalk email problem.

A regular client called me in to sort out several minor problems.

Their Sonos system was breaking up while playing radio stations. I suspect interference from their wireless printer, so we switched off the printer for a week to see if that helps. If so, switch it back on and see if the stuttering radio occurs again. This will be ongoing troubleshooting.

I set up a Google Gmail account for Mrs so we could install the Facebook app on her Samsung Android phone.

Talktalk are changing their email service (again) and emails are taking a long time to get to their account. I advised they should consider moving from Talktalk to Gmail; I advise that everyone should have an email account independent of their ISP (Internet Service Provider) so when they change ISPs they won’t have to move their emails in a hurry.

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