Servicing and Tune-ups

On this page, you can find out what’s included in my fixed price ‘servicing and tune-up’ packages. Depending on the service you require, it can be done via remote support, on-site at your home or premises, or return-to-base at my office with free pick-up and drop-off to and from your home or premises.

In some ways, computers are like cars; when they leave the factory they’re shiny, fast, and safe. Over the years, our computers slow down, become less responsive, and some things break or stop working properly.  We install things we don’t need, and the kids (or grandchildren) install things we don’t want!  Simple tasks start becoming a chore because things are too slow.

Like a car, your computer will benefit from a service, a tune-up, some supercharging, and even a valet.  The computer will be faster, more responsive, and safer!  It will extend the life of your computer, and save you time and hassle.  Call now and treat yourself, and your computer, to one of the following services.

Express Tune-up

  • Check hard disk free space
  • Remove temporary files that slow down the computer
  • Ensure Antivirus software is active and current
  • Remove toolbars that slow down internet browsing
  • Decrease start-up time
  • Final optimisation to increase computer speed

Standard Service and Tune-up

  • All the items above (the Express Tune-up), plus the following:
  • Remove unwanted or unused software
  • Run antivirus software to make sure there are no viruses
  • Ensure Windows operating system is up to date, and setup automatic updates
  • Where installed, do updates for Adobe Reader, Java (and remove old versions), and Flash

Premium Service and Tune-up

  • All the items above (the Express Tune-up plus the Standard Service and tune-up), plus the following:
  • Remove dust from inside PC case (clean the vents on laptops)
  • Hard disk health check and and testing (typical duration, 12 hours)

Air freshener not included!

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