Remote Support Worldwide

If you need help fast, or you’re not local, you can request over-the-internet remote support very easily. Click here to visit my remote support portal and read the Terms of Use, or…

Click here to install the remote support software now!

Click the link above and Run/Install the downloaded software. Works on Windows PC, laptops and Windows tablets, and on Macs. When installed, click “Start Session” and I will be connected to your computer to provide instant help.

The main benefits are:

  • Quick and easy installation of the software, no complicated set-up required
  • Secure access – I can only log in when you invite me. You click “Start Session” after the software has installed
  • Fast service – you will know if I’m online and available right away. If not, you can try again later or allow me to log in within a specified time
  • When I log in, I will open a chat window so we can type messages to each other (not video chat). If you prefer, I can phone you or use another voice service to talk with you
  • When I’ve finished I will sign out. You can keep the software installed in case you need help later, or I can uninstall the software when I’ve finished
  • You can pay by credit card, debit card, or Paypal.

Try it now, even if your computer is working fine! Install the software now, and even start a test session to see what it’s like and make sure it’s working just in case your computer has a problem later on. No fee for this part, as it’s a quick test and only takes a minute or so. Just click on the green link above or click here to install the remote support software.

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