Sonos Radio Breaking Up, New Gmail Account, Adding Facebook App to Samsung (Android) phone, Talktalk email problem.

A regular client called me in to sort out several minor problems.

Their Sonos system was breaking up while playing radio stations. I suspect interference from their wireless printer, so we switched off the printer for a week to see if that helps. If so, switch it back on and see if the stuttering radio occurs again. This will be ongoing troubleshooting.

I set up a Google Gmail account for Mrs so we could install the Facebook app on her Samsung Android phone.

Talktalk are changing their email service (again) and emails are taking a long time to get to their account. I advised they should consider moving from Talktalk to Gmail; I advise that everyone should have an email account independent of their ISP (Internet Service Provider) so when they change ISPs they won’t have to move their emails in a hurry.

How to see everything on Facebook (not just what Facebook thinks you should see)

By default, Facebook shows you what it thinks are the top stories from your friends. If you want to see everything your friends post with the most recent posts at the top then there’s a temporary option for that on Facebook, or you can bookmark a special link and use that each time. Here’s how to do both…

See everything on FacebookGo to your home page, look under your name and profile picture on the left. To the right of “News Feed” click on the triangle/down arrow, and select “Most Recent”. Or…

Click this link (opens in a new tab) and bookmark it. Then click the bookmark each time you want to go to Facebook or to refresh the page.

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Computer tuition and iPad tuition

I recently spent a couple of hours with a new ‘subscription’ client explaining how to do the following:

  • Move photos from a digital camera memory card into the pictures folder on the computer
  • Move photos from an iPad to the pictures folder on the computer (not via iTunes, but using a similar method to moving photos from a memory card)
  • Uploading photos to Facebook, and changing the Facebook profile picture
  • Printing a full-page A4 photo from an iPad (rather than 6×4)
  • Printing photos from the PC, full page, and multiple photos per page