Virgin to switch your email from Gmail to another service

I’ve just had an email from Virgin Media saying they’re moving their email service from Gmail to someone else. I did some research and they may be moving to TalkTalk, which most of my TalkTalk customers say is a dreadful email service.
I always recommend that people have an email service that is independent of their broadband provider, so if you ever switch internet providers you can carry on as usual with your own email address.
If you use a or blueyonder email address, I recommend that you set up an independent email address as soon as possible so you can let your contacts know your new email address in plenty of time before the Virgin changeover. You will then also have to change the email address used by any banks, Facebook, and any other accounts that use your current email address. I recommend Gmail. If you would like help setting this all up, please contact me.

Sonos Radio Breaking Up, New Gmail Account, Adding Facebook App to Samsung (Android) phone, Talktalk email problem.

A regular client called me in to sort out several minor problems.

Their Sonos system was breaking up while playing radio stations. I suspect interference from their wireless printer, so we switched off the printer for a week to see if that helps. If so, switch it back on and see if the stuttering radio occurs again. This will be ongoing troubleshooting.

I set up a Google Gmail account for Mrs so we could install the Facebook app on her Samsung Android phone.

Talktalk are changing their email service (again) and emails are taking a long time to get to their account. I advised they should consider moving from Talktalk to Gmail; I advise that everyone should have an email account independent of their ISP (Internet Service Provider) so when they change ISPs they won’t have to move their emails in a hurry.

Sky email moves to Sky Yahoo Mail, and causes problems (no surprise there)

So, Sky Email has switched from Gmail to Sky Yahoo email. That’s like switching from car to a horse-drawn carriage, with a dead horse.

Firstly, you shouldn’t be using your internet provider’s email. If you switch providers, you could lose your email account.

Secondly, if you have a Yahoo (or worse, hotmail) email account, well… Call me an email snob, but they’re a bit, er, naff.

If you want with Sky Yahoo Email, or moving any email account to a better service, please contact me.