2008 Race Results Summary

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Venue/Date/Winning Driver/Team

Australia 16/03/2008. Lewis Hamilton McLaren-Mercedes

Malaysia 23/03/2008 Kimi Räikkönen Ferrari

Bahrain 06/04/2008 Felipe Massa Ferrari

Spain 27/04/2008 Kimi Räikkönen Ferrari

Turkey 11/05/2008 Felipe Massa Ferrari

Monaco 25/05/2008 Lewis Hamilton McLaren-Mercedes

Canada 08/06/2008 Robert Kubica BMW Sauber

France 22/06/2008 Felipe Massa Ferrari

Great Britain 06/07/2008 Lewis Hamilton McLaren-Mercedes

Germany 20/07/2008 Lewis Hamilton McLaren-Mercedes

Hungary 03/08/2008 Heikki Kovalainen McLaren-Mercedes

Europe 24/08/2008 Felipe Massa Ferrari

Belgium 07/09/2008 Felipe Massa Ferrari

Italy 14/09/2008 Sebastian Vettel STR-Ferrari

Singapore 28/09/2008 Fernando Alonso Renault

Japan 12/10/2008 Fernando Alonso Renault

China 19/10/2008 Lewis Hamilton McLaren-Mercedes

Brazil 02/11/2008 Felipe Massa Ferrari



2008 Driver Championship Results

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1 Lewis Hamilton. British. McLaren-Mercedes. 98 pts.

2 Felipe Massa. Brazilian. Ferrari. 97 pts.

3 Kimi Räikkönen. Finnish. Ferrari. 75 pts.

4 Robert Kubica. Polish. BMW Sauber. 75 pts.

5 Fernando Alonso. Spanish. Renault. 61 pts.

6 Nick Heidfeld German. BMW. Sauber. 60 pts.

7 Heikki Kovalainen. Finnish. McLaren-Mercedes. 53 pts.

8 Sebastian Vettel. German. STR-Ferrari. 35 pts.

9 Jarno Trulli. Italian. Toyota. 31 pts.

10 Timo Glock. German. Toyota. 25 pts.

11 Mark Webber. Australian. Red Bull-Renault. 21 pts.

12 Nelsinho Piquet. Brazilian. Renault. 19 pts.

13 Nico Rosberg. German. Williams-Toyota. 17 pts.

14 Rubens Barrichello. Brazilian. Honda. 11 pts.

15 Kazuki Nakajima. Japanese. Williams-Toyota. 9 pts.

16 David Coulthard. British Red. Bull-Renault. 8 pts.

17 Sebastien Bourdais. French. STR-Ferrari. 4 pts.

18 Jenson Button. British. Honda. 3 pts.

19 Giancarlo Fisichella. Italian. Force India-Ferrari. 0 pts.

20 Adrian Sutil. German. Force India-Ferrari. 0 pts.

21 Takuma Sato. Japanese. Super Aguri-Honda. 0 pts.

22 Anthony Davidson. British. Super Aguri-Honda. 0 pts.

Constructors’ Championship 2008 result

Here’s the way the Constructors’ Championship ended last year.

1st: Ferrari 172
2nd: McLaren-Mercedes 151
3rd: BMW Sauber 135
4th: Renault 80
5th: Toyota 56
6th: Toro Rosso-Ferrari 34
7th: Red Bull-Renault 29
8th: Williams-Toyota 26
9th: Honda 14
10th: Force India-Ferrari 0 (lack of funds meant they couldn’t race after

Race in a real F1 race, as it’s run, from your sofa

I can’t see this happening for a few years, and I think there would be a subscription model that’s fairly expensive. But there’s the potential to play an F1 racing game against real F1 drivers, live, real-time, as the race is run, as if you were really there on track. Read about it here on the BBC motorsport website.

Now that’s what I call a racing simulator!

Hamilton has the wrong attitude

This BBC report says that Hamilton thinks the 10 grid-place penalty is harsh, and the rule is ‘silly’. He’s currently my favourite driver, but his attitude is beginning to wind me up.

You don’t crash in the pit lane, period. It’s the most dangerous part of the circuit, and you need to have respect for all the people who work there. On the track you’re only likely hurt yourself or another driver; and that’s the risk you accept when you go racing. On the track, you respect yellow flags for the safety of yourself and the marshalls. The pit lane is a permanent danger zone, and rules are in place to protect people there. There is no excuse for not observing pit-lane rules.

I accept that the red light was on at the end of the pit lane to stop cars exiting the pit into the train of cars following the safety car, but it’s still a pit lane rule. If you don’t adhere to that rule, the people in the pit lane are at risk.

Hamilton’s attitude is bordering on Michael Shumacher’s attitude; I’m number one and I’ll do what I want. As F1 uncensored said on Twitter, Hamilton lacks humility. I don’t agree with much of what F1 uncendored says (grin), but I agree on this point.

Come on Lewis, you’re losing the respect of the fans (and those who work in F1 I assume). Far better to say “I made a mistake, I’m sorry, and I’ve learned from it”.

Lewis and Rosberg get grid penalties – F1 | ITV Sport

As I expected, Lewis Hamilton is penalised after running into the back of Kimi Raikkonen as Raikkonen waited at the red light at the end of the pitlane at Sunday’s Canadia Grand Prix. Rosberg, who ran into the back of Hamilton is penalised too. The penalty is 10 grid places at the next F1 Grand Prix in France (2 weeks time). I had posted on Twitter within seconds of the accident that Hamilton should be penalised (and I’m a fan of his). Here’s the full story Lewis and Rosberg get grid penalties – F1 | ITV Sport.

In the previous race, Adrian Sutil had been running fourth when a mistake by Raikkonen caused him to run into to back of Sutil and put Sutil out of the race.   It’s ironinc that Hamilton put Raikkonen out of the race with the crash in Canada while Raikkonen was waiting at the red light for the cars following the safety car to pass; a safety car deployed after Adrian Sutil crashed.

Before the race, Ted Kravitz had interview Robert Kubica saying something like “From your position on the grid, you would hope for a win”, to which Kubica replied “I don’t think so”. He won though with a fantastic drive. He made a 24 second gap in eight laps to ensure he remained 1st after his pitstop. Amazing.

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Ferrari boss makes Mosley U-turn – typical duplicity

BBC SPORT | Motorsport | Formula One | Ferrari boss makes Mosley U-turn

Just some news after Mosley gets through his vote of confidence. Basically, the big companies with enough clout were honest enough to call for his resignation. The myriad small companies and organisations that would suffer if Mosley became upset with them, they all voted for him to stay. Since the minows have more clout than the big boys, Mosley wins.

2008 Formula One calendar

The FIA have announced the following 2008 Formula One calendar:
March 16 Australia (Melbourne)
March 23 Malaysia (Sepang)
April 6 Bahrain (Sakhir)
April 27 Spain (Barcelona)
May 11 Turkey (Istanbul)
May 25 Monaco
June 8 Canada
June 22 France
July 6 Britain (Silverstone)
July 20 Germany (Hockenheim)
Aug 3 Hungary (Hungaroring)
Aug 24 Europe (Valencia)
Sep 7 Belgium (Spa-Francorchamps)
Sep 14 Italy (Monza)
Sep 28 Singapore – night-time race
Oct 12 Japan (Fuji)
Oct 19 China (Shanghai)
Nov 2 Brazil (Interlagos)