CBits, Colin Bowen IT Services, is an IT Consultancy providing computer services and other IT services to residential and business clients.  Colin Bowen is owner of CBits.

BBFS, Berry Bowen Financial Services, is a financial services firm specialising in mortgages and insurances.  Colin Bowen is a Partner of BBFS.  BBFS only accepts business by referral from existing clients; this has been the case since the late 1990’s.

Colin Bowen has been providing a profession service to the clients of his businesses since 1990.  He is focused on his clients needs, and providing a first class, professional service.  With two businesses, a wife, and two young daughters, Colin understands that people are usually very busy and need someone who can solve their problems fast, with a minimum of fuss.  He also understands that people love to receive a good service, something which is sadly lacking nowadays.  This understanding has helped Colin to provide services that his clients are very happy to recommend to their family and friends.

Colin’s first formal employment was in his school computer  lab in the 1980’s, before he had even left school.  Moving into banking in 1988, he quickly realised that he wanted to follow in his father’s footsteps and run his own business.  He left the bank and became a self employed Financial Adviser in 1990.  Colin remained interested in computers and technology throughout the 1990’s, being the “go-to guy” for colleagues, friends and family.  He found himself so busy solving other people’s computer problems that it was affecting his ‘paid work’ and time off.  He decided to start his own computer business in the hope that people wouldn’t always be asking him for free “help when you have a spare minute”.

Until he started a family in 2007, Colin took part in regular go-karting (something he intends to return to as his girls get older).  Colin also took part in some international competitions which could have resulted in a contract as a racing driver.  BowenRacing.com was a result of these activities, and was the place to keep up-to-date with Colin’s motorsport and his love of F1.  BowenRacing.com has now been redesigned to support Colin’s IT Consultancy, but will continue to include motorsport-related information in the future.

With two businesses of his own and over two decades of business experience Colin’s future plans include more work with small and medium sized businesses; not just for IT Services, but also entire office infrastructure, training, and business development services.  Colin’s busy businesses, and a young family, have helped him develop systems and processes to keep very well organised and he’s an expert in ‘getting things done’.

If you want to work with Colin, please contact him using the telephone numbers at the top-right of every page, or using the “Contact”  tab at the top-right of every page.  Colin can also be found online at by clicking one of the following: The Facebook page for Colin Bowen IT Services.  Colin Bowen on Twitter.  Colin Bowen on Google+

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