Rebuilding Britain!

Keep it LocalThe Coronavirus has dealt a devastating blow to the UK economy. The only way to recover is to keep the money in the UK and not send it overseas. Support your local businesses and keep the money local.

Repair, don’t replace! Support your local and UK economy, not China and the Far East, by maintaining and upgrading your existing computers instead of buying new.

If you must buy new, donate your old Windows 7 or later computers so I can refurbish them and resell at reasonable prices to LOCAL people. All user data will be securely wiped.

I’m available for telephone and remote support, and for on-site visits with appropriate COVID-19 procedures in place. I use masks, gloves, and antibacterial wipes and gel. I work from the back of my vehicle where I can. I bring minimal equipment with me. I don’t use my phone on-site, and everything is wiped on the way in and on the way out of customer premises.

Stay safe, stay healthy!

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