Virus Removal

Important: If you have clicked on a webpage that offered a “Free Scan” and it has identified one or more viruses, it’s likely that it’s a fake scanner, and it has actually infected your computer itself.  Do not pay for that software to remove the virus or trojan, you will probably be paying for fake antivirus software.

Virus Removal Services

Call me now.  I can remove most viruses by logging in to your computer (securely), or by visiting your home or business.  I will:

  • Remove viruses, trojans, spyware and other malware using various removal tools
  • If required, I will install free antivirus software from a very well-known company, and explain how to use it
  • Do other preventative maintenance to help prevent reinfection
  • For very bad infections I might bring your computer to my office to work on it.  If I do, I will bring it back to your home or business, connect it all up to make sure it’s all working, and explain how to use any software I’ve installed for you.
Call now.  Same-day service often available.

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