So what’s happening?

It’s very busy at the moment. I’ve got the next round of the Shell Optimax F1 Drivers’ Challenge ’06 next week, and I’ve received notification of another competition that I can enter. I’m waiting for a call from a newspaper that want to write a piece on me, and I’m in contact with several new sponsors.

The other competition is a corporate karting competition with a charity angle and celebrities willing to race too. It will be televised (as will my current competition). I’ve been given a £ 10,000 reduction in the entry price, so I’m looking for a company who wants to put forward the fee plus some charity money, and have me and three of their staff competing with 20-odd other teams for the £ 50,000 prize. Lots of good advertising opportunities for the company involved. If you know of a company who might be interested, leave the telephone number as a comment and I’ll call. BTW, I won’t publish the comment, so the telephone number won’t appear on the web.

If you know of a company who would like to sponsor me personally, please leave a comment too.

I’m hoping to post about my trip last year to the British F1 Grand Prix before the next one on 11th June. I’ll post a few photos too, including a shot of Michael Schumacher I took from about 10 feet – time permitting.

Gotta run!

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