I’m out of the competition :-(

Just a quick note to say I took part in Round 3 of the competition on Wednesday, but didn’t get through to Round 4 due to a combination of a bad car and my stupid driving. When (if) I get a chance, I’ll write more fully about what happened another time.

Thanks for all the messages of support I’ve had.

So You Want to be an F1 Driver – competition update

I’m getting a lot of visitors looking for information on the So World F1 Driver competition.  The current news is that Round 3 is on next week, and some people have received letters saying they’re through.  I haven’t had a letter so I’ve contacted So World and I’m waiting for confirmation one way or the other.

If you want to find all articles about this competition (and the previous one, which I was also in), [EDIT] click ‘So F1’ tag underneath the title of this post. [Previously under the category “So You Want to be an F1 Driver”.]

Wish me luck!


So You Want to be an F1 Driver (SoWorld) – Round 3 – date announced

Just heard from Kaz that Round 3 will be at Rye House for outdoor karting on 28 January 2009.  He received a letter about it.  I haven’t heard anything.  I was on the reserves list, so I hope the lack of a letter is not a bad omen.

Will post more when I have more info.

Mad busy month

I’ve spent the last three weekends either at parties (including one hosted by me and the wife) or away from home. We all need some time at home now; either in front of the TV (or PC), or catching up on household tasks.

While I’ve been busy having fun, it’s been hard to keep up with F1. I haven’t even seen this weekend’s race, and I fell asleep during the highlights. I’m hoping to get back to my routine now our social life is less hectic, and that routine includes keeping abreast of news and the occasional post to this site. I also want to work more on my businesses (need the money).

I haven’t done any racing lately, partly because we’ve been busy and partly due to cutting back on spending. Of course, if anyone wants to give me money to race in return for me promoting their business (ie sponsorship, AKA advertising), please let me know in the comments (won’t be published). I’d love to do regular karting races (or anything further up the motor racing scale).

There are a couple of things on my long list of to-dos that relate to racing, I’ve got to find out whether I was successful at the assault course round I wrote about earlier, and I have a Rally Experience to book (birthday present from last year). More to follow on these.

So much I want to do, but so little time. Better than being bored!

So You Want to be an F1 Driver – Round 2

Just a very quick post to say that I competed on Round two last Thursday.  I’m not out of the competition, but I’m not in either; I’m on the ‘maybe’ list.  Depending on how many people went through on the day, and whether SoWorld organiser Tim Matthews takes pity on me, maybe I’ll go though.  As soon as I hear, I’ll let you know.  The good news is that my friend Kaz has gone through to Round 3.  I hope to see him there.
I had intended to go into more detail in a post on Thursday evening, but staying on to do the assault course a second time and a (soft) drink with Kaz after the event made it a late return to the Travelodge for me and I didn’t get a chance.  A long drive home followed by sickness (not me), tiredness (me), and mayhem at home the following day put me behind for the weekend.  If I get a chance to post more about the event at the weekend, I will.

So You Want to be an F1 Driver – Round 1

I did my five laps on Tuesday.

For those that don’t know, this is a pseudo annual competition for wannabe racing drivers. It is televised after the event.

I missed the competition the first year, but I saw it on TV and have entered since then. First time, I only got through the first round. Last time got through to round 4.

Basically, the first competition’s first prize was a drive in an F1 car (albeit a 70’s one), and a contract with the management company who were looking after Jenson Button at the time.

I’ll be writing here about my progress in this year’s competition.

So, Round 1. There is a choice of tracks at which we have to post five laps. It’s either the fastest of the five, or the average of the five laps that is sent off to the competition promoter. They will then decide who goes on to round two.

I’m not saying which track I went to, or what my time was until after the date that the times have to be submitted. So, come back later to see how I got on.

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Wish me luck.

SoF1 2007, AKA F1 Drivers’ Challenge 2007

I had a reply to my email asking for info.  I quote “Hi, we are sending out the qualifying letters now. Due to the postal strike we had to wait, making sure that all applicants would receive their post. If you do not receive anything by post by the 7th November please give us a call.”  When I hear, you’ll hear.
You can read what happened when I entered the previous event by selecting the “So You Want to be an F1 Driver” category top left of this page.


I’m back in the driving seat, well soon anyway.
I’m waiting for my regular karting buddy to book a holiday day so we can go karting again.
You may remember that this years F1 Drivers’ Challenge was supposed to start after the British F1 GP, but I haven’t heard anything from them yet.  I emailed them two weeks ago but didn’t receive a reply.  I’ve emailed them again today and I’ll post more when I hear from them.
I’m looking for more sponsors so I can really step this up.  If you’re in a position to consider sponsoring me, please leave a comment and a phone number.  The comment will not appear on the site, I will contact you.  I’ve been in business for 17 years, so I know how to promote a sponsor.
More news soon, I hope.

It’s a girl!

I’m delighted to say that our baby girl, Imogen, was born a month ago.  Mum and baby are doing very well.
Imogen arrived four weeks early after some lengthy complications, and that’s why I haven’t posted for some time.
Of course, having a new addition to the family means I’ll have less time to post, so I’ll probably post less about F1 but keep the site going for my own racing news (which was the purpose of the site in the first place).  On that topic, I’ve entered the F1 Drivers Challenge again this year.  You can read about my two previous entries in the archives (on the right).  I’m currently waiting for an email to tell me when and when the first round will be.  I’ll keep you up to date whenever I can find time.