A busy week ahead

I won’t bore you with my work and personal commitments for this week, suffice to say it’s going to be busy.

Blanche (my wife) leaves work early Wednesday so we can start our journey to North Yorkshire at 4pm. It will take 4.5 hours if the traffic is good. We’ll stay overnight, and we have to be at Croft Racing Circuit at 8:30am Thursday for Round 4 of the Shell Optimax f1 Drivers’ Challenge 06. This round is in saloon cars; they’re the type you see on the road, but have up-rated brakes and suspension, and are capable of around 150mph – I’ll practice that speed on the way to Yorkshire ;-). I hope we don’t finish too late as we have to drive home that night too.

There’s Silverstone F1 Quali on Saturday, so I’ll watch that, then the race is on Sunday. Blanche is taking part the charity event Race For Life on Sunday. I’ve told her to run fast so we can be back in time for the F1 TV coverage.

I’ll do my best to post some stuff about last year’s F1 British Grand Prix too.

[Addendum: This competition was renamed for subsequent years; “So You Want to be an F1 Driver”

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