I’m through to the next round!

I’m pleased to report that I am now through to Round 4. It was a long day with highs, a low, and a long nervous wait. Oh, there was some racing too. We had: Dry racing, Wet racing, Spins, Crashes, Interviews with the TV crew, and a car on fire.

I arrived first at the circuit, just before 7am. At about 8:30 the promoter Tim Matthews explained the format for the day.

We would be split into groups of about 24 drivers, groups A to H. Group A would go out for timed practice, then group B, and so on. After practice, each group would have two races. The judges would watch all sessions and make notes. 60 of the nearly 200 drivers would go through based on the their position at the end of the races, and a further 15 drivers would go through based on other criteria; perhaps they hadn’t done so well in the race, but showed potential in some other way.

You can see a track guide at the Rye House website.

More to follow soon…

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