My first sponsor!

Today I confirmed my first sponsor! The excellent folks at IK Software have agreed to host my blog and do some design work to replace the template design. Thanks IK!

Part of the judges decision each round will be how well they think the competitor can do in the business side of things. Often, it’s not the best driver who gets the contract, but the one who can bring the most money to the team, as has been seen in F1. Sponsorship is almost as important as talent. On the business side, I’m a Partner in a small Financial Services Firm so I’ve got some experience there.

If you’re interested in sponsoring me, or you know someone who might be interested, please let me know. A big-money sponsor would be nice, of course, but I’m happy to talk to anyone who might be able to contribute financially at any level, or ‘in kind’ such as equipment or racewear manufacturers or suppliers.

The next update will be after round three on Tuesday. Wish me luck!

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