Hamilton has the wrong attitude

This BBC report says that Hamilton thinks the 10 grid-place penalty is harsh, and the rule is ‘silly’. He’s currently my favourite driver, but his attitude is beginning to wind me up.

You don’t crash in the pit lane, period. It’s the most dangerous part of the circuit, and you need to have respect for all the people who work there. On the track you’re only likely hurt yourself or another driver; and that’s the risk you accept when you go racing. On the track, you respect yellow flags for the safety of yourself and the marshalls. The pit lane is a permanent danger zone, and rules are in place to protect people there. There is no excuse for not observing pit-lane rules.

I accept that the red light was on at the end of the pit lane to stop cars exiting the pit into the train of cars following the safety car, but it’s still a pit lane rule. If you don’t adhere to that rule, the people in the pit lane are at risk.

Hamilton’s attitude is bordering on Michael Shumacher’s attitude; I’m number one and I’ll do what I want. As F1 uncensored said on Twitter, Hamilton lacks humility. I don’t agree with much of what F1 uncendored says (grin), but I agree on this point.

Come on Lewis, you’re losing the respect of the fans (and those who work in F1 I assume). Far better to say “I made a mistake, I’m sorry, and I’ve learned from it”.

2 thoughts on “Hamilton has the wrong attitude

  1. Hi Colin,I was upset that Hamilton ruined a good race, taking himself and Raikkonen out of the running. Lucky all round that we have a pit-lane speed limit these days.I’m not a big fan of Hamilton anyway, but he particularly irritated me in one of his interviews on ITV, talking about his helmet design. He talked about how his father could pick out a yellow helmet easily as he went around a karting circuit, and how he added green, blue and red because they were his favourite colours. Has he become so important that he can pretend that he’s not been influenced by Senna!?Kaz

  2. So he believes, I think. Perhaps the downside of all the mind-management training he’s getting is that he’s losing his charm with the public. If the trend continues and he suffers bad press because of it, his sponsors will not be happy.

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