Lewis and Rosberg get grid penalties – F1 | ITV Sport

As I expected, Lewis Hamilton is penalised after running into the back of Kimi Raikkonen as Raikkonen waited at the red light at the end of the pitlane at Sunday’s Canadia Grand Prix. Rosberg, who ran into the back of Hamilton is penalised too. The penalty is 10 grid places at the next F1 Grand Prix in France (2 weeks time). I had posted on Twitter within seconds of the accident that Hamilton should be penalised (and I’m a fan of his). Here’s the full story Lewis and Rosberg get grid penalties – F1 | ITV Sport.

In the previous race, Adrian Sutil had been running fourth when a mistake by Raikkonen caused him to run into to back of Sutil and put Sutil out of the race.   It’s ironinc that Hamilton put Raikkonen out of the race with the crash in Canada while Raikkonen was waiting at the red light for the cars following the safety car to pass; a safety car deployed after Adrian Sutil crashed.

Before the race, Ted Kravitz had interview Robert Kubica saying something like “From your position on the grid, you would hope for a win”, to which Kubica replied “I don’t think so”. He won though with a fantastic drive. He made a 24 second gap in eight laps to ensure he remained 1st after his pitstop. Amazing.

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