My TV Interview

While waiting for my first race, the TV presenter asked if he could interview me and a chap I was chatting to. He sat between us and interviewed me first. I hope it doesn’t get aired!

I think it went ok except for a comment I made that “I’m going to win today”. It’s the sort of thing that someone who had never been interviewed would say. I hadn’t been interviewed before, but that’s not the point! The rest of the interview went well. He asked why I thought I had a good chance and I explained that my previous practice times were good compared to the practice times I’d seen that day.

We had been told in an earlier letter that we could be asked for an interview. I had been a bit worried about it thinking I would be nervous, but when it happened I wasn’t nervous at all. If they could edit out my comment about winning, I’ll be very pleased with it. I hope I’ll feel the same if I see it in the programme.

2 thoughts on “My TV Interview

  1. I know that Colin has had a keen interest in racing and has put a lot of effort into this competition. His progress through to these latter stages proves his skill and determination.He is also a font of knowledge on GP racing and follows it very closely.I look forward to seeing the TV interview and having a good laugh!!GB

  2. Thanks George.That’s my Financial Services business partner. It won’t be the first time you’ve had a laugh at my expense!

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