Mad busy month

I’ve spent the last three weekends either at parties (including one hosted by me and the wife) or away from home. We all need some time at home now; either in front of the TV (or PC), or catching up on household tasks.

While I’ve been busy having fun, it’s been hard to keep up with F1. I haven’t even seen this weekend’s race, and I fell asleep during the highlights. I’m hoping to get back to my routine now our social life is less hectic, and that routine includes keeping abreast of news and the occasional post to this site. I also want to work more on my businesses (need the money).

I haven’t done any racing lately, partly because we’ve been busy and partly due to cutting back on spending. Of course, if anyone wants to give me money to race in return for me promoting their business (ie sponsorship, AKA advertising), please let me know in the comments (won’t be published). I’d love to do regular karting races (or anything further up the motor racing scale).

There are a couple of things on my long list of to-dos that relate to racing, I’ve got to find out whether I was successful at the assault course round I wrote about earlier, and I have a Rally Experience to book (birthday present from last year). More to follow on these.

So much I want to do, but so little time. Better than being bored!

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