So You Want to be an F1 Driver – Round 2

Just a very quick post to say that I competed on Round two last Thursday.  I’m not out of the competition, but I’m not in either; I’m on the ‘maybe’ list.  Depending on how many people went through on the day, and whether SoWorld organiser Tim Matthews takes pity on me, maybe I’ll go though.  As soon as I hear, I’ll let you know.  The good news is that my friend Kaz has gone through to Round 3.  I hope to see him there.
I had intended to go into more detail in a post on Thursday evening, but staying on to do the assault course a second time and a (soft) drink with Kaz after the event made it a late return to the Travelodge for me and I didn’t get a chance.  A long drive home followed by sickness (not me), tiredness (me), and mayhem at home the following day put me behind for the weekend.  If I get a chance to post more about the event at the weekend, I will.

8 thoughts on “So You Want to be an F1 Driver – Round 2

  1. Hi there, I too competed in the second round, although I am yet to hear anything about the third round. I definitely got through, but haven’t received any details about when or where the next round might be… I called them a few weeks back to see what was going on and all they could tell me was that they are trying to sort it out… I’ve called since but gotten no answer!Have you heard from them at all, i’ve got a feeling it may not happen at all!

  2. Hi Chris.No, I’ve heard nothing. I’m meeting a friend (Kaz) this weekend for some karting. He got through to the next round and he’s heard nothing too.It’s been on my ‘list’ to call them for ages, but as you’ll see in a post in one of my next few posts, I haven’t had time to call them.If I do find out anything, I’ll post it on this site. If you hear anything, would you do the same please?Thanks.

  3. Sounds like we will get letters in the next week from when I spoke to Tim earlier in the week and the next round will take place at the end of january.

  4. That’s interesting. Thanks Simon. I had given up on the comp.

    I was just thinking today that I could do with some more racing.

    Will post here as soon as I receive anything.

  5. I’m glad to hear that, Simon. I’m supposed to be through to the next round but never heard back, and hadn’t chased them since. Thanks for the info.

    Colin, we can always do with some more racing! How to fund it is the constant problem, though…

  6. Absolutely Kaz.

    For me, no funds = no racing at the moment.

    Going into marketing overdrive for my businesses in the new year.

  7. Quick update,
    I received a letter today regarding the next round. It will be at Rye House for outdoor karting, on 28 January. I’d love to go and practice, but I don’t have time or money.
    Colin, did you hear from them? I remember you were on their reserve list…

  8. Thanks for the info Kaz.

    No, I’ve not heard from them. I hope that’s a Royal Mail thing, not due to me not being through. I’ll call them Monday afternoon after the post arrives if I don’t hear anything. Will start a new entry on this website for more news.

    At least Round 3 will be free karting.

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