4 comments on “Virgin to switch your email from Gmail to another service

  1. Well I suppose Google upped the cost of it.
    Don’t suppose for one minute it’s actually talk talk. It’s probably their contractor. Who probably also provide mailbox service for loss of places.
    Let face it ISP mailboxes are utter junk anyway regardless of who your with. Mine just get forwarded to my Gmail.
    Then again I’m me and I handle my domain in more complex ways. With leprechauns and elves and pixie dust 🙂

    • Leprechauns and elves and pixie dust, lol.

      Agreed that ISP mailboxes are junk. Virgin was okay with Google, but why not go direct (that’s my advice) and have Gmail proper.

      Thanks for the comment.

      • Lol. Yeah.

        I suppose some people would rather have their name as an email address with an isp this is more easily possible. Which wouldn’t be a bad idea if they used for what is for all intents and purposes google apps in the case of Vitgin
        As they have lots of domains like virginmedia, virgin.net or even good old ntlworld and telewest. All with valid email addresses. Like several of my dead inboxes that are still active.

        Simply because most decent gmail or other major provider addresses have been taken and you end up with sweet.fanny.adams1969@domain.tld or something silly . Hardly professional if you need to use it for job searching or anything like that .
        Microsoft are more flexible and use server all domains like live , men etf and different tllds like .co.uk
        Google just have gmail. Far as I’m aware anyway

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