Recent Jobs – Replacing hard disk and installing Windows 8.1

2016-08-13 17.33.46This Packard Bell had been having problems starting up, freezing, and multiple other problems untill it wouldn’t start up at all and was stuck in a “repairing your computer” loop. The option to Refresh wouldn’t work, and the customer didn’t want to lose files by doing a Reset back to factory settings.

Having worked on the computer to try to fix it for some time, I concluded it was a problem with the hard disk itself. The hard disk wouldn’t be recognised on another computer either, but I persisted until I magaged to get access and backup the customer’s files and photos.

I supplied a new hard disk, installed it, installed Windows 8.1 from scratch and set it up, and installed Office 365 again and some other software that the customer required. I tested the computer was working, and restored the backed up data (files and photos).

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