How to backup Google Keep notes

UPDATE 2/5/2017: The method below doesn’t backup notes in Archive. In addition to the main notes section as described below, you have to also backup the Archive notes by going to the Archive section (at the bottom of the left slide-out menu), then follow the same process as below for the regular notes section.

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I use Google Keep a lot. Notes are stored on Google’s servers. No doubt Google has backups, but what if something happens or I just permanently delete a note by mistake? It’s not easy to ask Google to recover it for me. Here’s a quick and simple way to backup all your Google Keep notes.

  1. On your PC, to to Google Keep and Select All notes by using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl-A
  2. In the grey bar above the notes, click the three dots
  3. Select “Copy to Google Doc” and all the notes will be copied to a Google Drive/Docs file.

If you want to download a copy to keep locally (which I recommend), open the Google Doc, click File, Download As, and select your format of choice.

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7 thoughts on “How to backup Google Keep notes

  1. Where are notes in Google Keep stored if using a Galaxy S5 (Android) cell phone?
    Where are notes in Google Keep stored if using an iPad (Apple).
    Thank you,
    Al Myers

  2. Excellent information. I was looking for this exact thing as I was worried that if my phone were to stop working that I could lose my Google keep notes. I installed the app on my windows 10 PC and then synced my notes, copied them to Google doc as suggested and downloaded a copy as a Microsoft Word document on my pc. Thanks so much for this fantastic information.

  3. Regarding backing up Google Keep notes, the previously posted method doesn’t backup Archived notes. Please refer back to the article for the update.

    1. Thanks Gary. Yes, the Google Takeout method is one I use to backup Calendar, contacts, etc. I do this less frequently because of the file sizes though.

      Thanks for the tip, and thanks for reading.

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