Max Mosley is on Twitter, and he’s following me!

Edit 24/5/12 – the Max Mosley Twitter account is currently suspended; it was probably a fake account

Max Mosley is now on twitter.  He’s following 38 people at the time of writing, and I’m one of them!  I had no idea I was so influential!

I read his tweets and they seem credible so far, but I’m quite net-savvy so I’m not going to assume anything here.  He did say his IT team had helped him secure the @maxmosley username, which sounds credible too; if anyone else had it they would be making fake comments by now.

To confirm, I called Mr Mosley’s secretary in Monaco.  She didn’t know for sure, but said she would ask him when he returns to the office tomorrow and contact me to confirm whether it’s actually him.

I’ll let you know.

Edit: Max’s secretary never got back to me. The Twitter account has been suspended, so I assume it was fake. Would have been nice is someone had thanked me for bringing it to their attention, but that’s Max and the FIA for you.

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