Max Mosley is on Twitter, and he’s following me!

Edit 24/5/12 – the Max Mosley Twitter account is currently suspended; it was probably a fake account

Max Mosley is now on twitter.  He’s following 38 people at the time of writing, and I’m one of them!  I had no idea I was so influential!

I read his tweets and they seem credible so far, but I’m quite net-savvy so I’m not going to assume anything here.  He did say his IT team had helped him secure the @maxmosley username, which sounds credible too; if anyone else had it they would be making fake comments by now.

To confirm, I called Mr Mosley’s secretary in Monaco.  She didn’t know for sure, but said she would ask him when he returns to the office tomorrow and contact me to confirm whether it’s actually him.

I’ll let you know.

Edit: Max’s secretary never got back to me. The Twitter account has been suspended, so I assume it was fake. Would have been nice is someone had thanked me for bringing it to their attention, but that’s Max and the FIA for you.

Twitter – Maxed out following, and un-following (should we feel bad)?

I’ve just exceeded the number of people I feel I can effectively follow, 60.  Any more than that and I feel that Twitter will become less interesting/useful to me.  I want to stay close to the people I follow, and see a decent proportion of their tweets. 

Already I have come to the conclusion that I can’t read all the tweets, I’ll just dip in and read what I can in the time available.  If I follow more people, it just reduces the number of tweets I see per person.

So, what do I do if someone new follows me now?  My initial thoughts are that if they have something really interesting to say then I’ll follow them, but it’s going to have to be really, really interesting.  If I do follow them, I’ll be looking for someone to un-follow so I keep the numbers effective. 

It’s hard to un-follow people, as I may have a relationship with that person.  I feel bad when someone un-follows me (and always wonder why).  So, should we feel un-follow people?  And if we do, should we feel bad about it?  Should we feel bad when we’re un-followed?

Please leave a comment.  Please include your @username.  Please also say how you found out about this post.  Thanks.

Life’s too busy – My solution

Until our daughter was born 15 months ago our life was busy socialising with friends, going places at weekends and staying away from home often. We thought “it’s been a fun life, but now a new chapter is starting and we won’t be doings the old things, we’ll have new things to do instead”. Well, we do have new things like new friends and new baby-related interests. Thing is, we haven’t stopped doing the old things, so life is even busier now. So busy in fact, that we’re very over-committed.

I’ve been discussing this over commitment with my Blanche (my wife) for months, and recently with George (my financial services business partner). George put it well, I’m Jack of all trades and master of none. This hit home. I’m a perfectionist by nature but I try to live by the motto “good is good enough”. With so many things I currently do, I’m not being ‘good’ at any of them.

So, I’ve given myself yet another new project; to reduce the number of things I do, and do the rest more thoroughly. I’ve made a good start. I’ve been actively avoiding new things online (like Google’s new browser, Chrome), I’ve unsubscribed from nearly a third of my podcasts and from many email newsletters, and will be ignoring some online forums that I’ve previously been active on. I’ve also finished one or two long projects and not replaced them with others. There’s still a long way to go, but I’m heading in the right direction.

So, to blogs. I’m not going to make any more post at my tech blog at (except to explain why). Instead I’ll be posting tech stuff here (hope you don’t mind). Not only does this halve the number of blogs I write, it also means I can cancel a project to move that blog off the horrible Vox platform.

Although I intend to post more regularly here, I’m probably going to concentrate on my own racing rather than F1 for a while. Maybe next season I will post Championship standings after each race to help me (and maybe you) keep track of the simple stuff, but for now I think I’ll resist the temptation to comment here on that’s happening on F1. I’ll keep my F1 comments (if any) short and to the point on Don’t know what Twitter is? Watch this video here, sign up, and add me ‘ColinBowen’.

No more F1 spoilers on twitter either. I had occasionally written commentary on F1 practice sessions, and comments on quali and races at There is a platform (website) that is ideal for making such commentary (it’s designed for commentary on conferences), but I’m not doing new ‘stuff’ at the moment, so that will have to wait until some time in the future.

I’m back!

For the last year, my number one priority has been my wife and new baby daughter.  Whatever time has been left has been put into work.  Seven weeks ago my wife returned to work from maternity leave, and four weeks ago my daughter started full time nursery.  She took a week to settle in and since then we have been getting into our new routine.  I’ve been working hard to get the non-urgent backlog at work under control, and almost everything is now ‘in the system’.  Needless to say, I haven’t had time to devote to this website, but I will be posting more frequently from now. 
I have been active on Twitter though.  Twitter is the current ‘big thing’ in the online world, and is best described as micro-blogging.  This website is a blog; I can post (add to the site) via the website itself or by email.  Twitter is a website where people post very short comments (called Tweets) which appear immediately on their page.  You can see me at  If you sign up for free membership, you can ‘follow’ me so that you see my tweets on your own page.
One thing I have tried is doing live Twitter commentary on the F1 practice sessions.  I’ll also be announcing on Twitter when my posts go up on this site.
Anyway, the next couple of days are an important time for Bowen Racing.  More on that later.
It’s good to be back!