Now BBC have some news

I am pleased to say that I reported on the news before the BBC. You can find their comments here. They add:
Under FIA regulations, no fuel on board a car may be more than 10 degrees centigrade below ambient temperature – the prevailing temperature on the track.
But in initial findings there was a clear discrepancy.
Heidfeld’s fuel was 13C lower than ambient at his first stop and 12C lower at his second.
Kubica’s varied by 14C, 13C and 13C at his three stops, while Rosberg’s was 13C and 12C out at his two stops.
Cooler fuel can give a car a performance advantage.
It is denser, so it can take slightly less time to refuel a car or marginally more fuel can be added in the same time.
Cooler fuel would also give a slight power advantage for about three laps before returning to the temperature out on the track.
However, the total advantage for each car over the race distance was almost certainly no more than a second.

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