Alonso says a Mclaren court victory would be shameful for the sport

Fernando Alonso told Spain’s Cadena Ser radio station that his head “would fall in shame for the sport” if Hamilton wins because of McLaren’s appeal against the Stewards decision over Williams and BMW’s fuel irregularities. 
I have to agree, but not because Hamilton should not be Champion, but because the FIA has once again failed to make clear regulations.  If the FIA had stated by which means the ambient temperature is measured, it would be a simple fact that Williams and BMW had or had not breached the regulations.  Then, the only decision would have been as to what punishment they should suffer.  There is a precedent (I can’t remember who was involved) when fuel irregularities resulted in teams losing points, not drivers.
The best outcome, in my opinion, is that Ferrari are left to sweat it out until the Court of Appeal hearing.  McLaren make representation that Williams and BMW had breached the rules, but with the request that the teams lose their points and not the drivers, based on the 1990s precedent.  The result would be that Williams and BMW lose their points from the race, but the drivers positions stand, and Kimi Raikkonen remains World Champion.  McLaren should also request that the FIA clarifies it’s rules and future infringements would incur penalties for the teams and the drivers.
That would be the honourable thing to do, and there is no risk that McLaren be seen as the villain by bringing about the appeal in order to promote their driver to World Champion.  McLaren were stripped of the Constructors’ Championship after Ferrari leaked confidential information to McLaren, then took them to court for having it, even though there was no evidence that McLaren had used the confidential information to improve their car.  McLaren should use this opportunity to champion the reform of the FIA’s poorly written regulations.

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