Merry Christmas – here is some news

Merry Christmas to you all, especially those who I know read my blog: Blanche, George and Kaz. I’d like to know who else reads this blog, so please leave a comment.

I’ve not been racing/karting lately, and there’s no F1 at the mo, but I wanted to bring you a couple of news items I heard about (just click the story title to go to the story).
Jenson cracks ribs karting – Ah, bless. Big girls blouse!
Schumacher can’t kart – His team came 12th out of 18.

Hope you all have a great Christmas!


2 thoughts on “Merry Christmas – here is some news

  1. Thanks Kaz.Yes, it seems a long break (but it’s no so long now). I got my 1996/97 F1 videos out of the garage the other day. Might have to watch a few to get my fix.Hope you have a good one too.Colin.

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