Bowen Going Racing

Long time, no blog.  But if you have nothing to say, it’s best to say nothing.
The 2007 F1 season starts on 16th March, but my season starts on 20th January.  Colin, Kaz and me are racing as a team this Saturday at a circuit that shall remain nameless (unless they sponsor me).  It’s a 90-minute team endurance race, so we’ll be doing a 30-minute session each.  I’ll post after the race to let you know how we get on.

4 thoughts on “Bowen Going Racing

  1. Hey Colin,I like that “…remain nameless unless they sponsor me…” bit! Have you made moves to strike a deal with them?Kaz

  2. Yes, but not enough. I’ve sent them a few emails but had no replies. I’ve linked to their website in my posts and spent enough money there, so that’s enough free publicity for them.I should talk to them personally really. It’s not like they’re the only circuit close by, there’s Rayleigh (even closer) and Buckmore Park just 15 minutes further on.

  3. Yes you’re right, they’re not the only one, and they’ve already got plenty from you. Personally I don’t even like wearing clothes with logos on them; that’s like I am paying for the privilege of advertising the manufacturer.Kaz

  4. That’s fashion, though ;-)In the last F1 Drivers Challenge, when the camera crews were attending, we had to put Duck Tape over all logos; crash helmet manufacturers, Nike logos, everything. That was for two reasons I think, one because they hadn’t paid, and two because the TV production company hadn’t paid for the use of the logo (copyright issues).

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