F1 – End of Season

What a brilliant race to end the season. Okay, the race wasn’t very exiting, but there was a lot of good stuff.

Massa finished first. What a brilliant drive. I think he’s got the potential to challenge for the Championship next year. I was very pleased to see him win in his home GP. Massa was happy, and so was the rest of Brazil.

Alonso second. A perfect drive to the Championship! Exactly what he needed to do. Almost eclipsed by Massa, Alonso wins a second Championship, and he deserves it. He’s done what he needed to do, and despite a few obstacles he’s Champion again. I can see me supporting him at McLaren next year, the first time I’ve really supported a non-Brit.

Button third (talking of Brits), a good drive (from ninth, I think) for Jenson. The Brits will always get my full support. I must have missed the discussions on Homologation (someone please explain), but if the ‘engine freeze’ freezes Jenson’s engine, he’ll do well next year.

Michael Schumacher fourth. What a brilliant drive from him too. Starting way back on the grid he made up lots of places then had a puncture, and still finished fourth. It’s no win, but it’s a drive he can be proud of to finish his F1 career – for now.

Kimi fifth. A nice result to finish his McLaren contract on. Did you see Martin’s grid-walk. Schumi gets his trophy from Pele, and Martin Brundle says to Kimi “You missed the presentation”. Kimi laughs “I was having a shit”!

Finally, Fisichella. Another driver I like, not because he’s particularly good, but he’s always cheerful and he’s a roll-model fitness-wise. His drive helped Renault secure the Constructors championship.

So, Massa and Ferrari are happy. Schumi and the fans are happy (and sad). Alonso and Renault are happy. The Brazilians are happy. What a season. Can’t wait until 2007!

2 thoughts on “F1 – End of Season

  1. Hi Colin,I enjoyed the race, to see Schumi fight through from the back. I’m glad Alonso didn’t potter around for his one point; that would have been shameful. Although I quite like Kimi, I felt that his ‘I was in the loo’ comment sounded like he was trying too hard at seeming like he doesn’t care what Schumacher does. At least we saw him smile for a change!All done and dusted now, and I can’t wait for next season! I hope the McLaren and Ferrari are evenly matched, and I’m looking forward to see what Kovalainen can do in the Renault. What a great start to his F1 racing career!Kaz

  2. Yeah, Kovalainen. I haven’t heard much about that (I haven’t heard much F1 at all lately, just been doing other things).Straight to the Championship holding team. Nice!

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