2 comments on “Karting Session – My Battle with a Cheat

  1. Hi Colin,Sadly, not all people we meet on the track are motor racing fans. They are common thugs and hooligans who are better off banger-racing. They don’t understand what it’s like to drive fast, with the skill and subtlety it requires, and they certainly don’t have the sportsmanship you would hope for in someone you’d come across in competition. In fact, we were driving in an arrive-and-drive practice session, not even a race.I wish the host establishment would black flag (and ban) these drivers, especially when they admit they have seen what they were up to on the track. Unfortunately, karting centres are businesses, and the thug’s money is worth just as much as yours or mine…Kaz

  2. Hi Kaz,Yes, I forgot about practice. I just practice winning ;-)I agree, the centre should ban people like that, especially because they’re a business (not despite it).He had already damaged a kart, so that cost them money. There were a lot of people there, and several crashes. If he (the thug) had caused others to crash too, they might not go there again. It’s in the circuit’s interests to keep it clean.I forgot, it’s “no contact” there. There’s always contact but it’s usually unintentional, but the deliberate stuff that goes on is bad for business.BTW, why does ITV always start the F1 coverage late?! Can’t see Schumi winning this championship now.Colin

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