Blog News – I got Google Ads!

This post is not designed to encourage you to click the ads!

I need to earn money to help fund my karting habit. It’s hard to get sponsors that pay me, so I thought I’d put some ads on the site in the hope they’ll generate some income.

I love sponsors, but hate ads. I’ll do everything I can to promote a sponsor (but I’ll only take sponsors whose products I believe in). When it comes to ads though, I don’t want loads of flashing ads all over the place, so I’ve gone for something subtle, between the blog banner and the blog entry.

They’ve been up for a couple of weeks now, and although I don’t have any control over what ads are shown, Google does a good job of matching the ads to the site content.

Currently, clicking on a link takes you to another page which contains the ads themselves. Clicking one of those ads takes you to the advertiser’s page, and that’s what generates the income for me.

However, Google is very hot on making sure that people aren’t clicking ads just to generate income for themselves or others. They log the IP address of the computer that views the ad, and they block the account if the suspect that it’s not genuine (eg multiple clicks per IP address/computer). So don’t go clicking ads unless you’re genuinely interested, or I’ll lose this feature and the income it generates.

Trouble is, the ads interest me, but I can’t click for fear of being banned!

If you want to support me, the best way is to tell people about this site. The more visitors the site gets, the more the ads get genuine interest (generating income for the advertisers and me), and maybe some paying sponsors will contact me too. After all, I’d like to race professionally, but can only do so with sponsorship.

Talking of sponsors, let me remind you that I have a sponsor, ik Software. They specialise in Web Development, PDA Software, and Graphic Design. They’ve got some pretty big clients, and some small ones (like me). I think they do a great job, and the customer service is excellent.

2 thoughts on “Blog News – I got Google Ads!

  1. Hi Colin,Interesting, the ads were different this time from when I looked on another day.I was just writing to wish you a belated happy birthday! I noticed from your short biography on the blog page, that you’d aged a year!Kaz

  2. Yeah, the ads are based on the content of the page, and rotate I think.Thanks for the birthday wishes. It was actually August, but it took me a while to change the bio.It was my birthday money that paid for the karting session. Can’t wait for Christmas!

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