2 comments on “Will Michael Schumacher bother to race in Brazil?

  1. Hi Colin,I thought it was a shame the Ferrari engine blew when it did; the race was building up to a real wheel-to-wheel action, and a one-two finish (in favour of either) would have meant a great final race in Brazil. It’s not quite as exciting to watch a winning driver/car merely pottering around for a point or two.I was surprised to see that the Bridgestones were evenly matched with Michelins on race day, after their dominance in qualifying. Tyre technology is ‘black magic’ to me…Shame also that we won’t see F1 at Suzuka for a while now. But I’m sure Honda will fight to have it back on the calendar, in the same way Toyota fought to have Fuji as the Japanese GP venue from next year.Kaz

  2. I think Suzuka will be back. Bernie wants it back for the tobacco sponsorship, he’s just giving them pain so they improve facilities.Yeah, shame it won’t go down to the wire, unless…Alonso crashes out in the rain – Schmacher is leading, but Fisichella is catching him because Schumi’s tyres are failing – Massa is in the points, so the winning driver will secure the Constructors’ Champoinship too – three laps to go and Fisi is right behind Schumi – the lead changes several times a lap until they come out of the last corner neck-and-neck, racing for the line – and the winner is….Now wouldn’t that be a great way to finish the season, Michael’s career, and the two-tyre-manufacturers era.

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