2 comments on “Round 4 – Lurpak & Diet Coke

  1. Hi Colin,Just found your blog, while searching the web for info on the latest F1 Driver Competition. If I remember you correctly I met you at King’s Cross Raceway in round 1 of the 2004 competition. You may not remember me; I’m the Japanese guy, about 5’8”, very fast on the track!? I didn’t enter this year, for various reasons, but hope for another chance in the future. Well done for getting through the fitness round this time around!Anyway, I just thought to say hi. Drop me a line if you like (****@****.***), I’d just ask for my email address not to be published online.Take care,Kaz

  2. Thanks Kaz.Yes, we did compete together in 2004. Thanks for getting in touch.I think you were on TV last week. You were one of a group of competitors shown at the fitness round of the 2004 competition that has been reviewed on Men & Motors ahead of the 2006 competition (6pm Wednesdays, repeated 8pm Sundays).

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