Thanks to ik Software

I just want to say how good ik Software has been. They’re sponsoring me by providing hosting and design for this blog. I’m completely new to this, and they’ve been fantastic.

They were so fast in setting this up for me, and have been excellent in reply to my newbie questions and giving advice.

Apart from dealing with newbies like me, they’ve worked with some of the biggest companies in the UK, Local Government, and even the Police Service (I think). I dare say they can help non-UK customers too.

If you’re not getting an excellent service from your service provider, or even if you are, check out ik Software at

One thought on “Thanks to ik Software

  1. To all of Colin’s readers I should point out that this blog is of course using as the primary tool for comment and post management. True, it is hosted by us, we’ve done a little design work with more scheduled and we continue to provide additional facilities for Colin over and above the basic blogger ones.Just wanted to make that clear before someo thinks we’re claiming credit where it’s not due :-)We do provide.. bespoke software for Windows, Mac & PDA’s, web based applications and all manner of print and web design services.All at ik wish Colin the very best of luck in his pursuit of a racing career and thanks for the thanks!Les GrayManaging Directorik Software Ltd

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