Car on fire

Spectators and drivers had use of the hospitality suite and its balcony overlooking the track. It was busy up there, and some of us were standing on pub-style bench-tables to see over others. This photo shows part of the view.

As a car went round the turn at the beginning of the pit straight, we noticed a fire in one of its engines. The fuel tanks sit on top of the engines, and the flames were licking around the front of the tank.

The marshals were waving flags and pointing, and the driver kept glancing at the flames as he went past. The marshals put out the flags (meaning everyone must stop where they are), but the hapless driver just kept going with the flames getting bigger.

He went half way round the track before stopping, and then took his time getting out of the car, I’d have been out much earlier than that.

I’ve never seen a kart on fire. The marshals were excellent, and were soon there with a fire extinguisher.

Next up, the rain comes down for my second race.

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