Karting catchup

Thought I’d post my time-sheets from my most recent three karting sessions. Prior to this I had been going to Lakeside Karting about once a year for many years. Since it was getting a bit cold, I decided to try the indoor track at Rayleigh Karting Stadium. I had been there before many, many years ago, but the track layout has changed except for two corners, so no point comparing previous lap times. Essentially it’s a new track for me.

All sessions are 10 minutes.

Edit: I can’t figure out how to make the results sheets open full-size in a new window. If you want a copy, contact me and I will email you a link.

Autumn 2015.

2015-1x-Autumn RayleighI don’t remember much about the session now, but here are the highlights I wrote down at the time.

Session 1. 10 drivers, started 4th, finished 3rd, won fastest lap.

Session 2. 9 drivers, started 5th, finished 1st, won fastest lap.

Session 3. 10 drivers, started 11th, finished 4th. Very dirty racing from some drivers. Every time I overtook one car he would hit me and take me off on the next corner.

Session 4. 3 drivers, started 1st, finished 2nd. The other drivers, Jon and Tim, had been about ten times so far that year. Tom’s car was difficult to drive, to be fair. Jon weighed about 13lb (6kg) less than I did at the time.

Session 5. 3 drivers, started 3rd, finished 3rd. Worked on my technique for the bridge and first corner.

My fastest lap of the day 28.45.


Dec 2015.

2015-12-xx #1 Rayleigh

Session 1.

Sessions 1 and 2. I was the only driver.

Session 3. 2 drivers, finished 1st, fastest lap.

Session 4. 6 drivers, finished 1st, fastest lap.

Session 5. 6 drivers, finished 1st, fastest lap.




2015-12-xx #2 RayleighSession 6. 6 Drivers, finished 3rd, fastest lap. There was one driver who was very quick but not as fast as I was. Every time I pulled out to pass him he would drive me into and along the barrier to stop me from passing. I got fed up with this, and next time he moved right to force me into the barrier, I moved left and spun him out. Both of us got penalised one lap. I spoke to the marshal afterwards about it, and he wasn’t sympathetic. I didn’t pursue it; their track, their rules.

Session 7. 6 drivers, finished 1st, fastest lap.

Session 8. Just me. Good job too, I was pretty tired by now.


My fastest lap of the day, 28.99.


14th Jan 2016.

2016-01-14 #1 Rayleigh Session 1. Just me.

Session 2. 4 drivers, started 4th, leading after the first corner, finished 1st, fastest lap.

Session 3. 4 drivers, can’t remember where I started, finished 1st, fastest lap.

Session 4. 4 drivers, finished 1st, fastest lap.

Session 5. Just me.



2016-01-14 #2 Rayleigh

Sessions 6, and 7, just me.

My fastest lap of the day, 29.28. This got me to 30th fastest lap of the (short) year so far.

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