Advice on new monitor, new webcam, and new home phone on Canvey Island

New Webcam A new client called asking for advice on improving their computer setup at home. Their webcam microphone was faulty, their monitor was a little small for their impaired eyesight, and their home phones weren’t loud enough for their impaired hearing.

The new webcam was easy to recommend. I have been researching new monitors for myself, so I measured up their space and showed them how big various sizes of new monitor would be and we agreed which one to get, bearing in mind a high resolution could actually make the icons and text smaller.

I still have to research the home phone so I can get one that has the features they need and good consumer reviews from people with similar needs. Then I’ll phone them with my recommendation and agree how to proceed; either logging in to their computer to assist them with the online order, or ordering it myself. On delivery I will attend their home to set up the new equipment, test it, and show them how to use it.

If you need advice on hardware or equipment for your home or office, please get in touch.

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