Using AdBlock Plus? Support the sites you use and like by white-listing them.

AdBlock Plus - Options

Using AdBlock Plus or other ad blockers?

Please consider white-listing sites you like and find useful, it helps support them financially.

I don’t have ads on my site, I detest (almost) all advertising.  Then again, I don’t update my site very often.  For some people though, their passion or their livelihood depends on advertising revenue, the income they get from ads that are displayed on their sites, or ads on their site that are clicked.  In other cases, behemoths like Google provide us with all these ‘free’ services because they earn (huge amounts) of money from advertising.


AdBlock Plus - WhitelistIf you like a site or a service, consider helping them out by white-listing their site for ads, or making a donation directly.

To white-list a site, click on the ABP icon, click Options, and add the domain to the whitelist.

Just an idea.

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