Fast turnaround for new business client

A couple of weeks ago someone called me from an unknown mobile number while I was with another client.  I returned the call between that client and the next but there was no answer.  This happened again at the next client.  Heading back to the office, I called the number again and got through to someone.  It happened to be someone from the company I advertise through; I am their client, but they were asking for my help.

He explained that they are moving offices and want to get their internet wiring organised.  They have some of the equipment, but their internet wall sockets (ethernet ports) aren’t all working.  Due to the office move and change of internet service provider, they had no internet service at all at the time.  I asked where the office was, and said “I’ll be there in 10 minutes”.

We spent a little time figuring out what it was they needed, and looked at their existing equipment.  We quickly tested a socket to find that it wasn’t connected at all.  I explained that I can sort it all out for them.  This was all he needed to know at this stage.  Later I texted him to say that he doesn’t have to wait for the new internet installation in order to sort out the wiring problems.  He replied that he would be in touch soon to arrange a visit for me to do the work.

I expect to hear from them when they decide where their desks are going and which sockets they need connected.  It will be nice to send them an invoice for a change!

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