Karting session at Lakeside

Here are the time-sheets for my trip to Lakeside Karting Raceway yesterday.

It was a last minute decision to go, so I went on my own.  The other drivers were an individual and a couple of groups.

The first session started from the pits and was 20 minutes long.  I was 1st in that session with fasted lap too.

The second session started from the grid, with additional drivers joining from the pit lane.  We were supposed to line up with the fastest from session 1 (me) at the front of the grid, but I was 6th or 7th on the grid.

The first corner is about 30m from the start line and is a slight right, and about 10m later a left.  I had started well from the left of the grid, and was on the inside at turn 2, and already up to 3rd.  I can’t remember where I overtook the other two, but I was first at the end of the lap.  I finished 1st, and got fastest lap again.

There were a couple of people who joined in at the second session that were quite slow.  I am careful not to make contact or risk a crash with slower drivers during these sessions; they’re fun sessions, not serious races, and the speed difference is quite big.  I did get slowed down a couple of times while waiting for a safe place to overtake, but most of my overtakes were quick and clean.

One of the other drivers races in the stock car championship each year, and I think he said he had been champion for the last two years.  Another driver races regularly in a “Dad’s Series”; he had his own race suit, so he must be serious!

Looking at the rank at the top of each session sheet, I’m in the top 1.1% of drivers.  Not bad seeing as I haven’t been since Fathers’ Day last year.

So, two sessions, two wins, and two fastest laps. Perfect!

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