Not dead, just busy.

Don’t expect any new posts until the end of August.

I’m working hard on my two businesses for a few months; my Financial Services clients need even more help in the current climate and my IT (PC) services clients need the best service I can offer.

It reminds me of when I started business in 1990, there was a recession but I worked hard and built a business I am proud of.  Although I have two stable businesses now, I figure that if I work hard now, my clients and I will benefit more in the future.

So, I’ve decided to focus my time on my businesses for a few months.  As usual, I’m busy with my family (visits and holidays) too.  I miss posting here but it does take more time than I currently want spend on it.  Sometimes you have to focus on the most important things in life.

All this could change though…  I’m considering entering a national karting championship.  Although it will take up time, that sort of activity puts me in effeciency overdrive, so might be a good use of my time.  If I enter, I might be making short, quick posts here, and might start tweeting @BowenRacing.  In any case, I’ll continue tweeting @ColinBowen.

2 thoughts on “Not dead, just busy.

  1. Hey Colin,
    Glad to hear that you’re not dead! That’s news to hear that you’re planning to enter a national karting championship. Tell me more! (when you have time)
    You’re right about putting in the extra effort in your business. I reckon that it’s in economic climates like now, when people look around for genuine competent service, so it’s more important than ever to optimise everything you offer. It will pay you back in the future.
    All the best,

  2. Hi Kaz,

    Lakeside Karting emailed me that they’re hosting the Championship this year. There was a web-form to request further info, which I did, but I’ve heard nothing.

    I’m just back from holiday, so didn’t get a chance yet to follow it up. Lack of time and funds might prevent me from entering. Business does appear to be looking up but I need to continue to work hard, hence the lack of time.

    Will reply to your emails soon. Got to go to the car to get details.

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