4 comments on “Thank you T-Mobile for your terrible Fair Use Policy

  1. I’m on Vodafone and I think it’s 500MB per month I get. Have to keep an eye on how much I’m using now I have my phone tethered to my laptop. £15 per GB, phew!

  2. Thanks for comment Jack. Some of this info will be out of date now, but you’re right, it’s worth keeping an eye on.

    Usually the data allowance is for uploads and downloads combined. With Microsoft updates, antivirus updates, and all the other software updates that happen in the background, I don’t think it will be hard to reach the limit.

  3. t mobile should be taken to court.and orange..all this b****x about fairuse…they tell you in their shops its 15 quid for the month..then when you go to log on they come up with restricted service…false selling or what…about time these rip off companies were done..where in any shop that sells there product does it say fairuse policy..if it did there sales will plumit 99.9 %..RIP OFF B******S

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