Brundle and Coulthard included in BBC F1 Team


Two posts in one day!


Not many posts about F1 lately, but I wanted to share this old news I’ve just seen.  Martin Brundle will be commentating and David Coulthard will ‘a pundit’ with Eddie Jordan and the anchorman Jake Humphrey (who?).


I must say, I don’t like the ITV-football-style sound of an anchorman and two pundits, but I’m absolutely delighted that Martin will still be commentating and that David will be involved.  David Coulthard has so much good stuff to say, and the more former drivers involved, the better.


I’m so pleased we’ve got rid of the adverts; I’ve been doing my bladder exercises already.  And talking of bladders, I’m glad we won’t have to listen to James Allen’s constant stream of irrelevant analogies.


Shame though that we’ll lose Louise Goodman.  She got off to a shaky start but was later able to get great access and(sometimes flirty) interviews with some of my favourite drivers.  Some people won’t be happy, but I’m pleased to see Ted Kravitz joining the Beeb’s line-up.  More of a worry for me is Lee McKenzie (female) who I don’t think I’ve seen, but she comes from ITV and Sky (oh oh) and is daughter of an F1 newspaper reported (oh oh again).  Hope we’re not dumbing down.


I haven’t been keeping up with the news, so I wonder if they’ll bring back the music from the old BBC Grand Prix programme, The Chain by Fleetwood Mac.  Listen to it now, and if it doesn’t bring a smile to your face, make your heart race and give you goose pimples at the end, then you’re either too young, or not an F1 fan.

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