2 comments on “T-Mobile mobile broadband ‘Fair Use’ Policy: Fair or unfair?

  1. Hello,

    I have had exactly the same issue as yourself.
    Received a letter from T-Mobile a month after going over their fair use policy etc and I basically had 3 days to reduce it…. Pretty much impossible. Spent a while on the phone to them and they have said they can’t do anything!! Please let me know if you get some headway 🙂

  2. Hi Pat, thanks for the comment.

    Did you see my subsequent post and the comments here http://www.bowenracing.com/2008/12/t-mobile-fair-use-policy-my-verdict/

    I didn’t take the matter further because my data usage in the month in which I received the warning was within their limit (I still don’t understand how), so they didn’t reduce my speed. Did they reduce yours? If so, it’s next to useless for you now, and you’re probably going to have to pay for a service they’re not providing until the end of the contract. I don’t know what their definition of ‘fair’ is, but it’s not what any rational person would call ‘fair’.

    It might be worth finding out if T-Mobile has signed up to the voluntary code of conduct, and if so, make a written complaint.

    Please keep us informed of what happens, if anything.

    Has anyone else had similar problems but reached a good conclusion?

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