2 thoughts on “McLaren’s Brazil GP Appeal date will be…

  1. Hi Colin,It’s the first time in a while that I am reading your blog entries. I agree with your view that, if the temperature difference of the fuel was indeed greater than 10 degrees (I don’t know how they are going to prove that though), then the teams should lose the constructor’s points but the drivers keep theirs. I don’t really like the inference that ‘the cars were illegal but the drivers can score points with them’, but the precedent was set in the 1995 Brazilian GP, with the Williams and Benetton fuel irregularities. Realistically, I think all they can do at the hearing is to clarify the definition of ‘ambient’.Personally, I’m just glad that Raikkonen has finally won a well-deserved championship, and feel sad that McLaren, after having lost championships for Kimi in the past by giving him such stunningly unreliable cars, is again in a position to take the championship away from him.So, how did you and Colin get on at your karting session a few weeks ago? Give me a shout next time you go; things are settling down here now so I should be able to sneak off for a few hours for a cheeky zip around a karting track. It’s about time!Kaz

  2. Thanks for letting us know that it was Brazil 1995. You have a better memory than I.I think they should address the ‘drivers keep their points’ situation for future cases, introducing a ‘teams and drivers lose their points’ rule.It would be a shame if Kimi lost under these circumstances, as the irregular fuel would not have changed the finishing positions IMO. Well done to him, he did what he had to do. Hamilton’s bad luck meant Kimi won. That doesn’t mean Kimi was lucky, he just put himself in the position to win and if others can’t beat him, then he’s a worthy champion.Karting went well, thanks. I want to find time to put the timing sheet up on the site, but it takes time to edit it. I’ll get round to it as soon as.I will let you know about the next session. I’m not sure when it will be, because Christmas is fast approaching and my diary is pretty full.Thanks for the comment.

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