Site update – make me your homepage

I’ve got rid of the Google Ads and replaced them with a Google Search Bar. You can search just this site, or the entire web, just click the appropriate radio button.

Please help me make this website more successful. You can do this by making this site your home page, and by using the Google Search Bar for everything you need to find or buy.

I want to be open about this, I get a small income every time someone clicks an add from the “Ads by Google” box on the search results page. This is the same income generation that companies like Virgin Media use, so instead of generating more income for them, why not help me?

So, if you want to make this site your home page:
In Internet Explorer, go to Tools, Internet Options. On the General tab, click ‘Use current’.
In Opera, go to Tools, Preferences. On the General tab, click ‘Use current’. You can also set the ‘Startup’ option to ‘Start with home page’.

Thanks very much.

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