Hamilton told not to race to win at Monaco

Mclaren have admitted that Lewis Hamilton was told during the race that he should follow Fernando Alonso to the flag.

Norbert Haug confirmed that there are no team orders, and that the drivers are free to race most of the time, but Monaco is not one of those times.

I agree. Alsonso was clearly faster than Hamilton, and there was no point in risking both drivers' races with an accident. Had Hamilton been ahead of Alonso, he would have been allowed to win.

This is not the same as the team orders debacles of the past (Ferrari et al), where a winning driver was told to slow to allow his team-mate to pass.

The FIA said that what happened at Monaco was "entirely legitimate and no further action is necessary".

F1 is a business. The team's performance is more important than the individual driver. That, arguably, is bad for the sport and that's why the rules were changed in 2002 to prevent 'result-altering team orders'.

No-one would have been more happy then me to see Hamilton win at Monaco, but McLaren made the right decision.

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