McLaren Monaco Perfection

Alonso wins – back-to-back victories at Monaco.

Hamilton finishes second after a good drive. He gives up his 100% winning record at Monaco, but maintains his 100% F1 Podium Finishes.

Alonso stamped his authority over Hamilton and sealed the victory way before the first stop; even though Hamilton drove the wheels off his McLaren and put in some excellent times, Alonso showed he was faster (0.3 seconds) to prove to the team he was quicker. After that, the message went out from the McLaren team that “We’ve got one-two, and the fastest driver is winning. Don’t race each other, protect the cars, and bring them home safely”.

Ferrari were nowhere close, with Massa finishing 65 seconds behind Hamilton. Massa was the only driver on the same lap as the McLarens. Raikkonen had a good race, but his lousy grid position meant only a single point.

Other drivers of note:
Fisichella had a steady race, starting 4th and finishing 4th.
Scott Speed had a fantastic start and a good race generally.
Wurz finished 7th from 11th on the grid.
Kubica 5th from 8th, the best of the one-stoppers.
Barrichello and Button at Honda, although they finished one place down each, must be pleased that the Hondas had a respectable race.

So, the Drivers’ Championship standings are:
Alonso 38 (leading by virtue of more race wins)
Hamilton 38
Massa 33
Raikkonen 23
Heidfeld 18
Fisichella 13
Kubica 12
Rosberg 5

Constructors’ Championship
McLaren 76
Ferrari 56
BMW Sauber 30
Renault 16
Williams 7
Toyota 5
Red Bull 4
Super Aguri 1

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