Only three F1 races to go, and it’s neck and neck

I can’t believe it will all be over in four weeks!

The FIA and Bernie have their wish; the two best drivers this year with only a couple of points in it, slugging it out for the last three races. Let’s hope it’s going to be a fair fight to the end with all the competition taking place on the track.

I’m probably going to miss the qualifying (like last race), so I won’t be posting before the race in China on Sunday. If anyone wants to make some predictions (Kaz, anyone?), I’ll try to check my email and get the comment posted before the red lights go out Sunday.

My tip for a win – Alonso. Michael and Ferrari are not great in China. If nothing happens to bring back Alonso’s persecution complex before the race, I think he’ll be focused enough (and determined) to win.

2 thoughts on “Only three F1 races to go, and it’s neck and neck

  1. Hi Colin,I’m too late to make predictions (I am writing this 2 hours after the end of the race), but what a race! Before the wet qualifying, I thought the Ferraris had the edge, then the Renaults qualified 1-2 with Schumi in 6th. I really thought Alonso would win, and he would have if it weren’t for his tyres. No other Michelin runner had to resort to what Alonso did, but perhaps the Michelin inters are closer to the limit on wear than the Bridgestones, the cost of their better performance. Can’t wait for the last two races!Kaz

  2. I agree, Alonso would have won if it wasn’t for his tyres. I think his fronts were dead, but the rears good. Problem was, the new fronts were too cold to get grip straight out of the pits, so he went slow and off-line and that cooled his rears too.I can’t wait for the next races either. But I’ll miss the quali for Japan too, and I don’t enjoy the race quite as much without the quali. Still enjoy them though.

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