2 comments on “Michael Schumacher will retire – this is my opinion of him

  1. Hi Colin,I agree, the ‘ruthless but foul’ comment applies to some of Schumacher’s actions. Still, I can’t help but feel that the ‘instincts’ that drive him made him what he is today and, without it, he would be just like the others. In the past, I supported Prost over Senna because Senna had the same ruthless streak that Schumacher has, which I found distasteful at times. But that, I’m sure, was a key ingredient in Senna’s performances too.I wonder if people see Senna’s actions as more justifiable because Prost was so good. Schumacher hasn’t had the high-calibre rivals that Senna had to contend with, so he didn’t need to race so hard to win. I think Senna and Schumacher show that winners think differently.I also think that he didn’t really want to retire. I would like to have seen him in the Red Bull next year, an Adrian Newey car. That would have been interesting!Kaz

  2. I agree with you about Senna. I never did like him either.The faxt that Schumacher doesn’t (didn’t) have the same high-calibre rivals as Senna makes his actions even less excusable in my view. I hope winners don’t think differently. I’d love to see a winner as successful as Schmuacher and Senna, but who could be successful without the cheating – now that would be a racing legend.I would love to have seen Schumacher in another car, a less-good car. If he had done one more season in such a car, and kept his nose clean, and won a few races against all odds… Then that would have won my admiration.

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